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Here are a few of my stories
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My story in short A brief history.
How I got into phone phreaking This is how it all got started.
My first visit with the blind kids How the toll switching system works.
Initial exploration of Ma Bell Once the principles were understood...
How I got the name Cap'n Crunch Straight from the horses mouth.
About the Esquire article Letting the world know.
Meeting up with Steve Wozniak At the PCC Pot luck dinners in Menlo Park.
Grand Jury investigation They always need a 'fall-guy'.
First bust I knew it was coming.
My arrest Details of what they did to me.
What I did in Prison Telling my secrets to those who knows.
A Snitch in time ditches nine Nine people go down due to "Snitchage".
Ma Bell discoveries Lots of her secrets.
Other unique stories You'll not want to miss these.

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