CrunchTV Episode coming soon

New CrunchTV episodes are in the works. Right now, looking for sponsorships. So if you have a security company, or even sell phone related products, or anything for that matter, then consider sponsoring an episode, or if you know of someone, then please post a comment.

Sponsors will get a reasonable amount of time to include video, audio, or screen shots of their products, giving them a lot more opportunity to satisfy the curiosity of their potential customers, then drawing traffic to their site.

As each episode is released, I intend to post on Facebook and Twitter a link taking them to a blog here on WebCrunchers, and the eventual link to the episode, hosted on ‘2600 Crunch’ YouTube channel where my videos live.


  • Crunch April 28, 2014

    I’m also looking for interesting material to present to my viewers. Tips and techniques, things eery self respecting hacker is going to want to know. How to keep from getting busted. What the authorities are doing to catch hackers, and how to stay off their radar.

  • Sidney December 9, 2014

    I am beginner in this area would like to know which materials for initial studies which documentary books, video classes

    • Crunch March 16, 2015

      What areas of interest were you interested in. Google is your friend. Use it.

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