My health issues

Latest news on my debilitating health issues. I’ve suffered some major health issues, and discovered I have degenerative spine disease which is the root of most of my spine problems which started in or around 2004. My first surgery was in Dec of 2009, a year later, suffered trauma from a sudden pressure on the back of my neck thanx to some dude at Defcon party, you know who you are. Everything was ok until early in 2014, I started feeling that same back pain I was suffering from back in 1009, but it progressed much further, starting early march, About the time I was invited to the home brew computer club reunion, in the Bay Area. A few weeks later, was invited to speak at the hacker hostel, when at that time the pain was getting horribly bad.

My ride back to Vegas was somewhat delayed, so was invited to see Mike Davido. The son of an old high school friend, and learned a lot from him, but mostly that he’s a top player in Battlefield 4.

I eventually made my way via BART to the CalTrans station to Dan Kottke’s house (early apple employee) until I was finally picked up after stop in salinas.

After returning him, I immediately tried to get into seeing a pain specialist, but my referral got lost 3 Times, but eventually saw pain doctor who ordered an immediate MRI. I almost had to be carried into the office. He gave me a pain shot, and directed me down to Desert Radiology for the MRI. It took another 3 weeks before the doctor had to review it, and said it was a herniated disc. The disc was bulged out about 5cm pressing into my spinal cord. He never even mentioned surgery, but in my mind, and from experience last time, I knew I was in for surgery. After fighting and many phone calls later to health care partners (a network of doctors who takes united Health Care patients.

About that time, I was negotiating some contract work in Thailand, and there was no way I was going to turn down this job. I consulted my pain doctor and was given the go for. 30 day stay in Thailand, by that time the benefactor was already assembling the team. My pain doctor gave me cortisone injections or nerve root block injections which in the past would last about 3 months, but not this time, it only lasted 48 hours. I had two more injections after that, then On 21st of July I headed out to Thailand on a grueling 25 hour flight with 3 Connections. Luckily the airlines provided me wheelchair service, and eventually made it, But already, the cortisone shots were already wearing off, so only had about 2 days of walking, but after taking 3 Falls, my benefactor eventually got me a walker which helped, and the Dream hotel I was staying at provided wheel chair service to the restaurant. So I didn’t get the chance to look around Bangkok, but I’ve been there twice before, and it’s like any other south East Asian city, except the signs would be in different language. I had to deal with learning enough Thai alphabet to know their Unicode equivelants.

One week later, we had to travel to Koh Phangan, an island off the S, China sea, a popular resort, especially on the full moon, I was so depressed I couldn’t attend the full moon party, but while there I worked like a dog, swimming for exercise, while Aaron, my best friend and old workout buddy would carry me on his back and gently put me on the motor bike for rides around the island and swimming every day.

He would bring me breakfast in the morning, compliments of my benefactor and client as I worked like a dog, learning this new language Ruby on Rails, which I was totally ignorant of, not to mention the Thai alphabet of 44 characters.

My job was to process gobs of data into another form used by his product, but since I’m under NDA, I can’t talk about the specifics.

Before going to Koh Phangan I went to a Hacker FEST in Bangkok, and met this very talented ROR programmer and instructor who installed it on my laptop. His name is Zack Siri, a really wonderful person, taking the time to install Ruby on Rails, which I never would be able to do on my own. My benefactor was ecstatic, when I introduced him to Zack. Who eventually wound up hiring him.

Not only have been having to do this work, I would have to stay up from 2:30 am until daylight when the USA was awake, dealing with trying to find the right people to talk to, and more important when they are in their offices (usually from 3-5am). I must have made about 200 calls per night to the USA, all free, compliments to google voice. I even had it setup so my local USA number would ring my phone while in Thailand (or any other place I happen to be in the world, as long as I’m in WIFI range. Thailand is great, about 80% of all restaurants have WIFI.

Koh Phangan’s wifi is barely able to watch YouTube, but after about 1 am I can watch my favorite movie on, far more recent movies then Netflix, which is blocked anyway. And I found the best VPN to use is goldenFrog, so I can watch any American TV program I want, when most are blocked.

I finished my job amazingly, time to go home and deal with my health issue. About 2-3 weeks before I would go home, I would use google voice to make free calls to the states, making arrangements with my Insurance company, making sure my referrals are going through. Every day, there would be some glitch I would have to roll over. Most of the glitches caused by the staff of my primary care doctor under Health Care Partners, my group of doctors. Being assured my referral was going through, I would call again and again, They got to know me very well, and did respect my call limits of not after noon or before 8 pm.

While in Bangkok, I saw a neuro surgeon, who after seeing my MRI, told me I was lucky to be walking and recommended immediate surgery. Note to those people seeking cheap medical care in Thailand, it’s not that much cheaper, I was quoted 1,200,000 baht ($1 = 32 baht) you do the math.

My return home on Asiana airlines operating from Korea. Flight from Bangkok to Inchion Korea was ok, but I had a 9 hour layover, not to mention another 3 hour delay. Luckily, I was able to talk the Asiana airlines to give me access to their lounge for $30. Free WIFI, free food and drink, nice work area with plugs for my iPhone, iPad, and laptop, so I put in about 7 hours of billable work.

The flight back was better because I popped two Aambians which My return home on Asiana airlines operating from Korea. Flight from Bangkok to Inchion Korea was ok, but I had a 9 hour layover, not to mention another 3 hour delay. Luckily, I was able to talk the Asiana airlines to give me access to their lounge for $30. Free WIFI, free food and drink, nice work area with plugs for my iPhone, iPad, and laptop, so I put in about 7 hours of billable work. the edge off, and lucked out and got an isle seat. But going to the bathroom I had the stewardess practically carry me to the loo. It was Funney as I hung on To her shoulders as she practically carried me. I observed that all Asiana airlines stewardess had to wear hair buns. Unfortunately, in Korea, the hours in the US was like 4 am, so no calls there were productive.

Landing in USA, a wheel chair was waiting for me as I was taken through customs, I blew through customs in 7 minutes, not counting claiming my bags. I asked the border officer to say aren’t you welcoming me to the USA, he smiled and said Welcome back. He was a cheerful old chap.

Since I missed my connecting flight to Las Vegas, they put me on American Airlines flight, again, I had to go to the loo, and a male stewardess carried me there. Walking now was out of the question. I had to wait for everyone to deplane, then the airlines brought in a skinny wheel chair that fits between the seats, my shoulders were barely wide enough to slip down the isle. When I was finally off the plane, I switched to a more conventional wheel chair and taken to baggage claim where Tolga, Christime, and my workout buddy Dario was waiting, they got me in the van, and was finally on my way home. Dario carried my up the steps…. Finally home. I hired Dario to help sort out my apartment, and move some furniture around, but I only stayed there one might, I knew this would be the last time I would enter my bedroom.

Jon Jon had found a ground floor unit next to my other one, and move in was 1 sept. My stay at the TLC rehab was for 20 days, so I would have to leave them on 26th of July.

this time
My next task was to arrange for an ambulance to pick me up on the day after I arrive in USA to take me to my primary care doctor, so they came and had to somehow get me down the stairs, and managed to get me on a stretcher. I was push ahead of the other 40 patients waiting, and dr Kermani instantly said get him to the hospital fast. The question of what hospital to go to, I said Sunrise… Based on Jon Jon’s recommendation, Good choice. Best hospital in Vegas, so Sunrise it is. I was immediately admitted into Triage, and within an hour, I saw a neuro surgeon, spine doctor, pain doctor. They asked me what pain medication I can take, remembering my last surgery, I told them anything but Morphine, I vomited my guts out last time I had that, so he gave me OxyContin, oxycodone, and just about any narcotic you can think of. I vomited my guts out on first day, then they started Being more reasonable and got me Dexamethasone, Methadone, Dilaudid – happy switch (hydro morphine).

My sickness started to go away. In the very beginning, the doctors were not even thinking of surgery, then they all had an emergency meeting, and immediately scheduled me for surgery on Sat 28th of July.

I was in intensive care, but somehow I had a horrible relaps, 4 medical workers worked their ass off bring me back to consciousness. I literally died… I saw myself in the hospital bed floating above me, Shortly a bring light was becoming me, but I saw the doctors pulling me back. If I had gone towards that light I would have died. Don’t even let anyone tell you there isn’t life after death, I saw it with my own eyes, the experience was really strange, and beautiful at the same time, now makes me a believer there is some God.

My reaction was a combination of the medication and pneumonia, and other life threatening issues and conditions, I immediately placed in intensive 24/7 care for 2 days, them moved to a less intensive care, I was in the hospital for 8 more days befor being moved to rehab. I had a choice, back to google, to make my decision, I chose the TLC care facility because is has WIFI, closest to home, nice pleasant surroundings, and my fellow patients are all over 80 yrs old.

I said to myself, I have to be walking in 20 days. No ifs or bits about it. Very depressing, but I do manage to join people in the dining room. Most are victims of stroke, all in wheel chairs including me. I was not allowed to get out of my wheel chair. If I have to pee pee, I do it in a plastic urinal, then summon nurse to empty it. During day, I’m allowed to go to the bathroom, but under nurse supervision.

They tied a snitch wire on me, so if I exit the wheelchair it goes off and the nurses come running. I figured out how to disable it, after all, I’m a hacker, but I decided not to mess with it.

Going poo, I can to call the nurse to wipe my ass (now embarrassing), I cannot bend that far since my spine is just a rigid thing. They say I can do it later after lots or therapy.

Therapy are the usual exercises I won’t go into detail here, but my right thigh is so weak I can barely stand or put any weight on that leg, so, lots of leg lifts with light weight packs and going up the stairs is still on the verge of impossible, like today I tried to step up on my right leg, I couldn’t do it. But right leg, was OK. So,lots of practice on the walker, where I realize I have zero balance.

They only give me 1/2 occupational therapy (things I have to do at nome) and PT physical therapy, which consists of the theraband – luckily I know zillions of exercises on that, and I talked them into letting me take one in my room.

The PT guys were very impressed with my progress, they even let me in the gym for extra time, and I intend to take every minute I can, unless I get sore.

This is it for now, I hope this satisfies your questions for those. To on Facebook or Twitter. I must cannot answer all your linkedIm messages for link requests. I must have gotten over 3000 email messages, so I hope you won’t feel offended if I don’t answer them.

John (the Crunchman)


  • Mr.Jack August 17, 2014

    Crunchy I hope you get better… you are a great person and an icon, please take care and never surrender.

    • vito tums August 18, 2014

      Glad to hear you found God. Sounds like he let you know there are still some things to do here on earth. We look forward to seeing you get well enough to do more of these things.


  • Cheryl Hugle August 17, 2014

    Hi John,

    What an incredible story! Your determination is amazing. I only hope that all the pain and difficulty is soon alleviated. Wishing you all the best!


    • Crunch August 17, 2014

      My life depends on my research, I’m spending all my time in research, and the rest of my time working and positioning my work with connectica, but haven’t started working there yet.

  • kent August 17, 2014

    Look at that, you go to all of the trouble to post where your non fb friends can follow your adventure and and no-one has anything to say. Well hang in there soon you will no longer have someone else to wipe your butt clean as a whistle.

    • Crunch August 17, 2014

      I’m just now getting around to approving them.

  • John Sawyer August 17, 2014

    You’re doing a lot of good work on getting better, John!

  • Walter Walker III August 17, 2014

    Glad to see that there is still some glimmer of hope in your eye….very interesting read…do you have a list of software you frequently use, some of your favorites?

    • Crunch August 18, 2014

      Not really. This is just a wordPress site.

  • Ron Draper August 17, 2014

    I have only one question. What exactly did the dude at Defcon party do to your neck (pressure on your neck)?


    Sent: Sun Aug 17, 2014 9:03:22

  • Crunch August 17, 2014

    Hi, Today I wasn’t even expected in PT (physical therapy). But I went anyway. I did all of the exercises they taught me, plus a few arm exercises like curls, reverse curls, laps, Abductor for hips, Adductor with a ball between my knees, marching exercises, leg lifts, ankle lifts, and I found a spare PT instructor to supervise a 200 meter walk. I feel pretty good now. I think I might make it out of here walking on my own by 27th of July.

    Feel free to comment here, ask questions, and give me encouragement.

  • Crunch August 17, 2014

    Research is the name of the game, and I encourage anyone who hurt themselves to spend as much time as they can researching past cases of the injury, how it was treated, the name of the doctor who treated you, and get as much info on the doctor as you can.

  • Crunch August 17, 2014

    KENT – now that would be an awesome trick, Blow the captain whistle with my ass and whistle a phone number….. Hahahaha!!! :-)

  • Crunch August 18, 2014

    UPDATE 17 JULY 2014

    I go into the PT gym and it’s barely empty. What? I wasn’t scheduled for PT today? What’s this shit? I only have a week left in here and I still can’t walk or go up stairs, so I just do my OWN exercises. There were three PT trainers in the gym, so I started on the first exercise I learned and did an extra set on each one. I did what I remembered, then went onto the others. I spent that morning massaging the area where it was numb until I can feel it. The feeling was starting to come back. One of the PT instructors asked me if I was scheduled, I told him I didn’t know, but wanted to do them anyways. And asked him for more exercises I can and should do. Everyone he recommended I had already done except walking and asked if a trainer is available. He said just a moment, and this philipino woman was available. She said “can you walk 50 ft”, I said I would rather walk 200 meters, She gave me the weirdest look. Not expecting me to go that far, she tied a safety rope on me, and I asked where she wanted me to go. She said let’s go outside the hallway and I kept walking and walking, focusing on my breathing. I went all the way to the end and back, and started another lap. She said “that’s enough” but I pleaded for another lap. It felt great, I wasn’t even tired. I think the PT instructor wanted to go home. No other PT instructors left! and was asked to leave because they wanted to close up. So, today, I did

    45 mins of soft circular massage as recommended by Russ Mills.
    45 mins of deep massage, consulting a muscle anatomy diagram
    3 sets of shallow knee extensions from wheel chair of 30 reps each using theraband. And ankle weights.
    Hip adductor using a soft rubber ball between my knees, 3 sets of 20
    Hip abductor using a theraband between my knees
    Leg lifts from wheelchair with 5 lb weights – 3 sets of 30
    Standing up toe rises – 3 sets of 15
    Standing up marches in place – 3 sets of 15

    Total workout time 2 hours and 35 mins.

    How do I feel, pretty darn good. That hip pain is gone. And I feel good about myself. I wonder what my PT instructor will say when I tell him. Should I tell him? I’m scheduled for a hot shower tomorrow morning and hope to soak the pain away.


  • Mill Thatch August 18, 2014

    What did the dude at Defcon do to you???

    • Crunch August 18, 2014

      He got a little to rambunctious from meeting me and would up being a little too “excited” without paying attention to my weakness in my neck I tried to protect myself

  • Peet August 18, 2014

    That’s been one wild ride, brother. You absolutely should feel good about progress like that. I’d go ahead and tell your PT guy what you’ve been up to, if it were me though. The sooner he acknowledges your level of commitment the better, and if there’s some reason you should be pacing things slower then he’ll tell you straight out.

    Pretty inspirational stuff there, John. Phones, circuits, computers, and now body hacking. I remember reading somewhere here that you know macro-biology too. Given your skill set, it’s no wonder you’re finding all sorts of good ways to repair yourself. That you’ve kept your spirits up and not let yourself get bogged down into depression and woe, that’s the really inspirational part right there for me. And that you’ve managed to stay so productive while managing those pain levels.

    Are you done with Ruby now that you’re home, or will you continue to play with it? I think it has a great concept for a language. And Rails is a pretty fun sandpit to while away the hours in too :)

    Take care, and more power to you Crunchman. If any man alive deserves a Rocky montage, then it’s you Sir.

    • Crunch August 21, 2014

      I just realized something, if I make progress too fast too soon, they might discharge me before. My apartment will be ready.

  • Jose F. Medeiros August 19, 2014

    Glad to hear that you are feeling better and in good spirit John. I wish I could afford to visit and hang out with you for a week or so.

    • Crunch August 19, 2014

      I don’t think the rehab center would allow that. :-(

  • Pierre d'Maui August 20, 2014

    Hi John, what an incredible and awesome journey you’ve been on; literally to death and back. I can so appreciate your experience on many levels. One being that I am a back pain sufferer myself; for 35+ years…on narcotics since 1997. I thought your story was very well written. Thank you for answering my questions and my prayers. Glad you’re back from the edge!!

    I can relate to your challenges and appreciate your effort and the will power it took to continue to work…despite your torment and suffering…still accomplishing your goals! I can’t believe you did all of that traveling and were able to do what you did. My hats off to you brother! Your Remarkable story of recovery is inspiring!

    I’m not ready for surgery yet…but that day may come for me too (no disc left @ L4-5). May your determination and story serve as a model for those who have similar challenges. After all, You are the leader of at least 2600 of us!

    FYI: (I hope you don’t mind me sharing a little of my odyssey at the moment)

    My mom (@94 marbles intact) has been in similar dire straits for the last two months; having been intubated, followed by two weeks recuperation in the hospital – just to make sure she was stable enough to go to a recovery facility. Then back to the hospital; both hospitalizations preceded by fate! The fate being that I was present to take action on her behalf.

    Normally I don’t come east until September – but as my housing on Maui has been “difficult” this past year (to put it mildly), I decided to travel over the summer starting with a visit to my mom in New Jersey on 16 May, 2014. My landing and the brutality by family I experienced is another story) and sets the stage for a lot of the alienation I feel. 

    I was at Moms HUD apartment just under a month when on June 11th, I awoke to hear her voice calling my name, calling my name, calling my name. Finally I responded and went into her bedroom to see what was going on? I found her flat on her back, unable to move and barely able to speak. She was delirious. I called 911. The fact that I was there, in her home, saved her life. 

    She didn’t have the strength to reach for a phone to call my nearby sister, or better 911. Surely she would’ve perished as the infection (Sepsis) was already spreading throughout her body. Within two days she was intubated and near death. 

    I never want to see the face of my mother like I saw;  choking on the tubes in her mouth when she coughed …for 9 days. It was horrible to watch. The tubes were removed and she spent another two weeks in the hospital; until out of harms way. She had been given antibiotics (and a whole range of other drugs) which luckily worked and saved her. They moved her to a recovery facility

    She was in the nursing home for two weeks after they let her out of the hospital, before she got in trouble again. Mom began to shake. She never shakes..although her mother had parkinson’s disease that might have been stimulated? I thought maybe due to the disruption to her body functions and the drugs. But each day she shaked more and more and it just didn’t seem right. The nurses said nothing about it. My sister passed it off as something that would go away, too. 

    I became very very concerned and by the fifth day, when her whole body began shaking uncontrollably, I had the nursing facility call 911. The ambulance came to take her back to the hospital. Luckily I had caught it in time! The antibiotics they gave her worked without having to intubate her.  Thank God, cause THAT would have killed her.

    Turns out a hematoma in her thigh that somehow appeared in the recovery facility, became infected.  After tests in the hospital showed what was going on,  surgeons performed a minor operation to drain the blood that had collected and had become infected.  They also had to remove part of her thigh muscle that the infection ate away. 

    As fate would have it, my desire to be with my Mom; to lend a hand with a driving,  grocery shopping and things of that nature, was a godsend! Having me in the picture, all the way from Hawaii to visit earlier than I normally do in September for her birthday, was undoubtedly the gift from God that saved my mothers life; twice…by my presence and my vigilance.

    Heal Fast Capt’n!

  • Crunch August 20, 2014

    UPDATE: I didn’t do so hot in PT. They now make me stand for 5 Mins turning this crank (busy work). My right leg far weaker then I thought. I put any weight on it, and Nasty pain shoots up my thigh. I’m always falling asleep now, not sure if I’m getting enough rest, but thankfully they removed my roomate. I’m thinking it might be the combination of drugs they give me. Lyrica is the only pain pill they give me now. I still can’t walk, and I’ve been here for almost two weeks. I can stand. But with weight only on my left leg.
    They might keep me here longer then 20 days, which would be great, since my new apartment is still not ready.

    Other parts of my body are recovering nicely, but I look like a Frankenstein with stitches aud sutures. Looks really gross. The incision is like 20cm long… Yukkk. And they have to cut unto me one more time. But the doc says this will end my back pain forever, as long as I don’t twist a lot and do things that require I bend my back.

  • daniel smith August 20, 2014

    damn, that’s a story. I hope you actually can rehab to a somewhat capable existence on your own, john.
    I often think how lucky I am to have survived the host of knocks I endured in my youth, like the blackjack across the back of the neck following some girl gazing at the R&R bar in Pottstown, pa.
    I will always remember the feeling after I woke up, thinking instinctively “if I don’t get up right now, i’ll never do so.”
    amazing how fragile the body is, yet we can survive.
    good luck

  • O at myoldmac August 21, 2014

    Dear John, good to hear your getting better. In October i will be in NewYork, sadly no time to visit you. Take care!

    Oliver –

  • Crunch August 21, 2014

    15 July 2014 UPDATE

    This has to be one of the strenages days yet. My stool now bleeding profusely. I think they overdid on the stool softness. If I caugh, a big wad of feces would come out my rear end. So, guess what, I’m now wearing diapers. This has been going on for about 3 days. It just comes out whenever it wants to, but the rules state that if I need to use the toilet, I must call the CNA (nurses assistant), but she can often take up to 45 mins, So I ripped off the snitch wire a headed to the loo as fas as possible, or I would be leaving a trail of brown poo. I would put on the call light of course. A snitch wire connects to a ground wire on the wheel chair, and to my back where I can’t reach it. But in this case I wanted them to hear it. But it still took them 45 mins to notice it.

    Anyway, more later, it’s my shower time now, They hardly give me much time to write in my blog…


  • Crunch August 24, 2014

    As of this bullshit isn’t enough, they now have me in isolation. This means anyone visiting me needs an oxygen mask and othr germ fighting shit. I can still have visitors, but they need to follow germ fighting protocol. Every time I caugh, I shit out a poop. This is some type of an antibiotic. This has been going on for about 3 days, keeping me from doing any real kind of work. So I have to wear diapers to deal with the constant pooping.

    They got me in with this new roomate, a Spanish speaking dude, giving me time to brush up on my Spanish, only problem, at night he falls asleep with TV on. Impossible to work. But this isolation ward is a blessing in paradise, because I can’t have roommates. Yay, and they are not going to move me this time.

    I saw Dr Lee for the very first time since surgery…. And here is something really really scary. To say, remember when I said I also so died on monomia I wasn’t kidding.

    I had some type of lung infection which was easting away at my lungs. Causing extreme lung infection, aspirating food that’s supposed to be going down into my stomach, was instead getting clogged into my lungs, preventing me from breathing, and now gagging, causing me to extreme caugh.

    They had to put a small pipe into my lungs to suck out the aspirations. This ordeal took about 2-3 hours, 3 Lung specialist, and I have a dr Bird to thank for my life. I hope one day to be able to thank him. My stay here is extended to 30 more days, with intensive PT every day.

    My right leg so weak, I cannot hold any weight on it.


  • Aidan August 24, 2014


    I’m so sorry to hear about your health complications. I just managed to stumble across your website after watching the ’85 episode of Computer Chronicles you were featured in, somewhat miraculously. Never thought I’d get to say hi to the Crunchman, actually, shows how small the world truly is…

    You have my utmost respect for everything you’ve done and worked on over the years and I hope you recover as quickly as possible. Never lose faith in yourself and your capabilities as a human being, we’ve all done some amazing things as a species and I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that you’ll be back on your feet soon. Thank you for going above and beyond to make hacking and computer history as fascinating as it is.

    Best wishes,


  • Oliver August 24, 2014

    All the best too you! Good you can stay longer there. Hope they get you in shape again.

  • Cheryl August 24, 2014

    Hi John,

    What an incredible ordeal! Here’s hoping it will end in the best possible way with a complete recovery and no more pain.


  • Crunch August 25, 2014


    The disease I have is
    Cdiff… Colitis. Hemmeriods.

    It is an insanely painful experience. I have literally NO control of my bowels. The pain is horrendous. I have to do this pee and poo every 8 times. If I pee and stand up, the poo comes out.

    You’re not going to believe this but I’m wearing diapers. When pee in a urinal they provide, only the poo comes out. The pain is intense. . There is nothing I can do to stop it..

    Ok, So I see dr Chandler walking by AFN got her attention. She was totally surprised a had colitis. She immetedally made a note to her nurse and ordered me isolation until the feces was tested. Within an hour I was moved to a new room. Thie meant that I had a whole new nurse, CNA, and all, but the doctor failed to tell the nurse about my isolation order. I ask the nurse if they got the order, they say what order. But by luck a caught the doctor again, and she didn’t even know the nurse got such orderes. I explained at again. Now this time I’m taking it to the administrator, to explain a serious communication flaw.

    Out of time, I’ll report back.


  • Merce August 25, 2014

    Hi John. It’s normal to be more ill than never when you are in a hospital, you are depressed and there are a lot of viruses in a hospital. Your near dead experience was GREAT, but you must come on, you’re young and you’re our hero. Come on. You can. Hack this moment. Hack this hospital. Hack this stupid doctors and nurses, they think they’re Gods, but they are simply humans, don’t let them all the Power. Come on, Captain Cruch. (sorry my english, I’m not from english world :)

  • Cheryl August 26, 2014

    Hi John,

    I found this article that may help you:

    It is the story of one person’s experiences with colitis. Following his story is some general information from Dr. McDougall on what it is, what causes it and how to treat it.

    John McDougall has a clinic in Santa Rosa and is very accessible. He has always answered my emails. He is considered a major figure in the health care industry by numbers of agencies, sits on the health advisory board of Whole Foods, Kaiser Permanente, etc… and runs a training program for doctors in treating disease with whole foods plant based nutrition.

    He also has a free program available through his website where all his lectures and other materials can be accessed or downloaded. But if you can afford it, the best might be to sign up for the ten day intensive once you are able to travel.

    Hoping you feel much better soon. Bummer about all the mishaps and bad communication!

  • Cheryl August 26, 2014

    Hi again,

    This is the end of the article I sent to you. Please read it and show it to your doctor. If they do not help you, you might try asking McDougall to contact them (He will do this for anyone who has been to his 10 day program, but I do not know if he will interject if you aren’t already his patient.).

    (colitis and Crohn’s Disease are both IBS diseases and are treated the same.)

    “One of the first published studies of patients with CD found two-thirds of patients treated with a healthful diet were well after two years. In one recent controlled study involving ninety-three CD patients, 84 percent achieved remission after two weeks of following an elimination diet. Predominant food intolerances discovered during this study were cereals, dairy products, and yeast.

    Crohn’s disease patients suffering from severe diarrhea (twenty or more stools per day) find relief from watery stools within two to three days when they are switched from a high-fat to a low-fat diet. The reason for this almost overnight relief is that patients with CD have often suffered damage to the last part of their small intestine (ilium). As a result of this damage, bile from the liver that is normally reabsorbed by a healthy small intestine is instead allowed to pass directly into the large intestine. Here the bile acid causes severe irritation, causing a discharge of blood, mucus, and water.

    In summary, for the prevention and treatment of IBD your diet should avoid all kinds of added fats, oils and animal foods. Your prime source of calories needs to come from starches, such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, winter squashes, beans, and rice. For my patients with IBD I recommend that they start with the regular McDougall Diet without wheat and soy products. If dramatic improvement is not seen over the next four weeks then I suggest they try the elimination diet, which is based on sweet potatoes, brown rice, green and yellow vegetables, and non-citrus fruits (all thoroughly cooked).

    For scientific reference to the materials above see the book Dr. McDougall’s Digestive Tune-up.”

    • Crunch August 26, 2014

      I have Medicare advantage plus insurance. This is all government operated, but I have no premium payments or co-pay. Everything is FREE including my stay in the rehab facility, so I really cant complain. This includes the food, As awful as it is, but I’m loosing lots of weight, just hope they don’t notice.

  • John draper August 31, 2014

    First shower I had in 12 days… Aaaaah, nice to clean.

  • mama September 22, 2014

    Real Healing should include:

    1. A great deal of self love, yes. Even in the face of illness we must say we love who we are.

    2. You need feelings. It really is too simple, yet not quite so simple it seems to some.

    3. You need practical methods. You need to do as much self healing as possible. The fact is that the body is an amazing creation once you supply the creation with basic needs.

    4. You need as many loving and healing people who also feel to surround you.

    5. You need to take a serious journey through your Spirit. The Spirit is the most healing body.

    6. You need to restore your faith, do not rely solely on modern technology/medicine/doctors. Look to the Spirit to guide your healing, much is revealed once you have nothing to lose.

    • Crunch September 25, 2014

      And most of all, A donation to my qikfunder. I have no more life supporting medication. And I’m starting to feel the early signs of relapse. Please donate today, My insurance is not covering the more critical medications I need to fight the onset of this lung disease which is almost died from.

  • Kevix September 26, 2014

    Sorry to hear about the health stuff. that sux. Woz mentioned it. Both of you are cool dudes.

  • Christian Pecaut September 29, 2014

    Lots of love from UChicago, Crunch. I’m sorry to hear you are in such difficult straits. That spine problem I remember from those exercises (intense) in 2002 with Ryan et al in SOMA. Best Wishes.. Christian

  • NYC.Doc September 29, 2014

    Please investigate the use of Vitamin C IV therapy It saved many of my friends lives from C Diff

    • Crunch September 29, 2014

      My therapy at TLC cleared it up, no more issues.

  • Pedro Hdez September 30, 2014

    Hi Captain,

    My best wyshes for you, take care



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